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sweet potato fritters with sour cream & chives sauce

what you will need:

1 1/4 kg sweet potatos (750 gram after  peeling & cooking)

2 teaspoons soya sauce

3/4 cup (100 gram) flour

1 teaspoon sugar

1 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon freshly minced black pepper

butter for frying

to the chives sauce:

3/4 cup of chives stalks chopped

250 gram sour cream

salt & freshly minced black pepper


the fritters:

peel the sweet potatos and chop to large pieces.

cook in a pot with water (or vaporize) until it’s

completely soft.

put the sweet potatos in a strainer for 1-2 hours

to separate the liquids apart. (you can also put

it for the night in the fridge).

move the sweet potatos into a bowl,

add the soya sauce and mix- knead with the hands.

add the flour, sugar, salt and pepper and keep

mixing it gently with your hands.

(remove hard/black pieces) the dough

should be soft, homogeneous and a little bit sticky.

if the dough is too liquid – add a little bit more flour.

avoid mixing it for too long since it can become

too sticky.

the sauce:

just mix the sour cream with the chives, and spice

it with salt and freshly minced black pepper.

the frying:

warm some butter on a non-stick frying pan,

and put the fritters on the frying pan with a

spoon or wet hands.

the dough is a little bit hard to work with at first

since it’s soft and sticky, but you get used to it.

fry both of the sides till they become golden but

not burned, and that they will be solid enough

so you can get it out with a spatula.

put on a blotting paper and serve with

the sauce on the side.

– if you don’t want to eat immidiatly, you can

cook the fritters in the oven first in a pre-heated

oven in 180 C. and before you eat, fry them.

-you can’t warm these fritters in the microwave.